The vision for Swansea

The Council’s vision for Swansea is for it to be a desirable, sought after place to live, work and visit that:

  • Capitalises on the distinctive relationship between its vibrant urban areas and outstanding rural and coastal environments
  • Supports a competitive and prosperous economy that acts as a focal point for the wider Swansea Bay City Region
  • Has sustainable, distinct communities, in both urban and rural locations, that benefit from quality homes supporting infrastructure, community facilities and a wide range of opportunities for recreation
  • Is a thriving City Centre destination that offers excellent shopping facilities and supporting leisure and business opportunities, capitalising on its proximity to the waterfront
  • Celebrates and conserves its unique natural heritage and cultural and historic environments

Graduation - Image provided courtesy of Swansea University (© Swansea University)
Institute of Life Science, Swansea University Medical School

This vision is encapsulated in the Council’s recently adopted Local Development Plan (LDP).

One of the Council’s key ambitions is to reinforce the role of the Swansea Central Area as the economic hub of the Swansea Bay City Region. To date there has been a lack of available, high quality office space to meet economic growth needs, combined with an oversupply of sub-standard office space. The Council is therefore seeking to increase the amount of good quality, flexible employment space within the city centre with a particular focus on supporting the growth of tech businesses. This ambition is being progressed simultaneously alongside increasing the city’s digital connectivity.

The Council also intends to double the amount of green infrastructure within 10 years. The focus will be to create a green infrastructure network, centred on a Green Artery that will connect Swansea Station in the north, with the beach and marina in the south. Green infrastructure will be planned and designed to be multi-functional and will involve a partnership approach, using innovative solutions, including a Green Space Factor tool (GSF) to measure the quantity and functionality of green space in developments.

The Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 is embedded in all that we do and the Council is committed to improving the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales. Through the regeneration of its development sites, as with all its activities, it will be thinking about the long-term, working collaboratively with local people and communities.