The Opportunity Sites

The Council has initially identified the following sites that it wishes to redevelop with its selected partner. The redevelopment of these sites will incorporate the delivery of a wide mix of uses across the short, medium and long term.

Going forward, the partnership will also be able to consider the redevelopment of additional sites if appropriate. Similarly, it may also be appropriate to discount sites should it be agreed that they are no longer considered suitable for development, and/or for the Partnership Vehicle.

Swansea Central North

Swansea Council is currently leading the first phase of this mixed-use project, which includes the potential for a public sector hub, as well as other commercial tenants. The Council is currently progressing the development itself, but there may be the possibility of incorporating the delivery of this phase within the partnership depending on timescales.

Hafod Copperworks Site

This site is extremely important in terms of Swansea’s industrial heritage and presents an opportunity to create a major leisure destination, building on two existing projects, which both have identified operators.


Civic Centre Site

This significant site lies on Swansea’s seafront south west of the city centre with expansive views over Swansea Bay. The intention is for the Council’s offices to be relocated to the public sector hub within the Swansea Central North development, and for this site to be redeveloped as an exemplary residential-led mixed use development.

Oxford Street Site

The site lies within the core city centre and is envisaged to become an employment-led mixed-use development.

Sailbridge Site

This waterfront site benefits from being adjacent to the Maritime Quarter Conservation Area and having pedestrian access crossing the site to connect to SA1 via the landmark Sail Bridge. The site would lend itself well to a mix of uses including high-quality residential development.

St Thomas Site

The Council’s objective is to create a residential-led development within a high-quality environment, connecting the existing community of St Thomas to Swansea City Centre. The development will provide a key link between St Thomas and the city centre allowing a much greater level of integration than currently exists.

Site 9 – The Marina

The site lies within the Maritime Quarter and is anticipated to become a high-quality residential development, with complementary commercial uses.